Get PCB designs that work. Manufacture them for a lot less.

We’re a different kind of PCB design company. We don’t use automated tools in our designs—instead, we just use the comprehensive knowledge and experience that comes from having worked for 20 years on more than 10,000 PCB layouts. PCB has worked with the Defense Department, Government, Aerospace and Commercial Organizations. We call it “Intelligent Design”. And what does that mean to you? Significant time and cost savings. How much can our PCB designs save you? How much can we save you?
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When you’ve done 10,000 PCB layouts, you do them smarter.

We know when you can make trade-offs to pull out costs—without sacrificing quality.


We don't make money unless we save you plenty.

Our unique value-based compensation model basically means that you get the design for free.


Not only better than automated PCB design. Faster.

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