Intelligent, Efficient Design

How we get to the best solution more quickly.

Just some of our design experience includes:

  • Digital mixed signal technology
  • RF up to 10GHz
  • Design tools: PADS PowerPCB and Valor
  • USB Ethernet DDR, DDR2, PCIX, PC104, etc.

At PCB Design Plus, our mission is to provide high-quality PCB solutions that help you reduce cycle times and maximize your profitability. With most other providers, you have to choose accuracy, speed, or cost-efficiency. PCB Design Plus offers all three.

Our extensive experience with critical, complex, and RF designs helps us get to the most efficient, effective design quicker—whether it’s design for fabrication, design for manufacturing, or design for testing. Small details like knowing how much space to put between parts to give good yields, or drawing every interconnect by hand, makes a big difference. Our specialty is knowing how and when to pull out cost-increasing design elements without affecting performance.

That same experience means you won’t have to waste your time looking over our shoulder directing us. We need very little engineering support. In fact, we’ve never met 90% of our customers—yet our designs keep them coming back again and again.

It’s simply a smarter way of PCB design. And in most cases, our manual designs are just as fast as less accurate, more inefficient automated ones. We’re not the cheapest PCB design firm—but considering the significant manufacturing costs (and headaches) we can save you, we’re the best value by far.