Manufacturing Cost Savings

We’ll take your high-volume board and lower the manufacturing costs.

When’s the best time to bring your board to us? When you think it’s done.

If you produce boards in high volumes, we can take your “final” design and pull out costs while putting quality in. And the more complex the board, the more money we can save you. A higher level of design for manufacturing is our specialty—a unique talent that has made our founder, David Fisher, one of the most sought-after PCB designers around.

So if our designs are so good, why do we give them away FREE?

We’re so confident that we can get you results, it costs you nothing to try. That’s right: design is free. We simply take a percentage of the manufacturing costs that we’re able to save you. You can’t lose.

How can you take advantage of this FREE offer? Here’s what you’ll need to send us:

  • PADS PowerPCB files (optional)
  • Gerber files
  • PDF or JPEG of the schematic
  • Any mechanical constraints
  • Your bare board manufacturer name and contact information
  • Any assembly and/or drill drawings
  • Worst- and best-case scenario volume and duration
  • Your company name and contact information

Remember, we do our best work with complex boards. If your production volumes are 25,000-50,000 units or more of a board with higher density; a higher layer count; or buried, blind, or micro vias, call us today.

That’s it. We’ll get back to you quickly with a quote and tell you how much we can save you.

To request a quote online, click here. You can also call (585) 755-9748 or email