Quick Turnaround Time

The secret to doing it fast? Doing it right.

“By going with PCB Design Plus, you’ve already saved weeks.”

—principal engineer at a leading aerospace and defense company

Automated designs are fast. But how often do they work the first time? Multiple rounds of revisions have become commonplace, almost accepted, throughout the industry. All in the name of time to market.

However, at PCB Design Plus, we offer cycle times that compare to automated designs—with accuracy, quality, and performance that are beyond comparison. Usually, you’ll get a response from us in a day or two. The worst-case scenario, for a super-complex board? Maybe four or five weeks.

Just by choosing PCB Design Plus, you’ve already saved time. Our experience and amazing knack for knowing what works and what doesn’t puts you ahead of the process. For example, most design engineers or other designers lay out boards using “by the book” methodology. If they design for perfect signal integrity, it often creates multiple layers—which adds complexity and drives fabrication costs higher. At PCB Design Plus, we know when to make trade-offs that can save manufacturing costs without compromising signal integrity or performance.

So you need your PCB design fast? Get it done right. It’s sort of like the difference between getting on the highway at Exit 10 versus Exit 1: with PCB Design Plus, you’re a lot further down the road.