Variable Fee Structures

Even our fees are based on your needs.

Manufacturing Cost Savings Structure

The following parameters can help you determine if PCB Design Plus is right for you—but they are only guidelines. If you have a project that falls outside of these parameters, but would like to find out if we can help you save time and money, contact us for a free no-obligation evaluation.

Call us today if your production volumes are 25,000-50,000 units or more and your board requires:

  • Higher density
  • Higher layer count
  • Buried, blind, and/or micro vias

We can take your high-volume board’s “final” design and pull out costs without compromising quality. The more complex the board, the more money we can save you — routinely 25-30%, sometimes even 40% or more.

FREE Design Challenge. In fact, we’re so confident that we can get you results, we’ll design your board for free. We simply take a percentage of the manufacturing costs that we’re able to save you. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

Traditional PCB Layout Services

If your production volumes are fewer than 25,000 units and your board design is less complex, our traditional per-unit fee structure offers you world-class design at an incredible value.

For example, we designed two boards for a leading international communications and information technology company. In the first case, the original board was designed elsewhere and PCB Design Plus was called in to clean it up. In the second case, they came to us first. Here’s a breakdown of the manufacturing cost savings we were able to help them realize:

  • PCB Design Plus redesigned board: reduced cost by 50%, translating to $840,000 bottom-line savings over lifetime volumes.
  • Original PCB Design Plus design: reduced cost by 69%, translating to $1.4 million in overall bare board savings.

To request a quote online, click here. You can also call (585) 755-9748 or email