Why PCB Design Plus?

If you want to save money—and need it right the first time—contact us.

Brain vs. computer.

In most industries, automation equals efficiency. In PCB design, it’s the opposite. Autorouter automation tools tend to add more layers and vias to circuit boards—driving up the complexity and cost, and driving down the efficiency. And even though they’re typically used because of their quicker time to market, automated designs often take weeks to complete. At PCB Design Plus, in most cases we’re able to create a more efficient manual design in the same cycle time as with automated tools.

Why do you think they call it “artwork”?

At PCB Design Plus, we don't use automated tools — because PCB design is as much of an art as it is a science. And until they build a computer that can do art, we can do it better. The brain can cut to the chase, and get to the best solution in days instead of weeks or months. And because we keep fabrication, manufacturing, and testing in mind as we’re designing, the end result works better and is closer to finished.

Our designs work. Period.

We know how to design for manufacturing, testing, and fabrication. But most of all, we know how to design a board so that it works the first time. And with our experience and expertise, you don’t have to sit over our shoulders while we design. In fact, we’ve never met 90% of our customers. The fact that we have great relationships with them speaks volumes about the quality and accuracy of the work we deliver.