Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say.

principal engineer, leading aerospace and defense company

“The things that set David Fisher apart are his experience, speed, accuracy, work ethic, and intelligence. I’ve been working with him for 14 years, and consider myself a ‘Power User’ of his services. That’s because when he does something for me, he makes me look good. I save cycle time and David is able to help me achieve 25-30, even 40% recurring cost savings. In fact, just by going to David, I’ve saved weeks.

“With other designers, it takes longer and the quality of work won’t be as good. With David, it’s right the first time. He keeps manufacturability and safety in mind when he’s designing the board. And there’s no reason to sit with him—it’s as if he has received an education in electrical engineering just by doing so many boards. And the added service is outstanding: he has relationships and deals directly with board houses, which saves me time and money. It’s transparent to me. I send David what he needs, and I get back a board that works.

“I’ve never asked David to have a board redone. It’s almost an industry standard elsewhere. I recommend PCB Design Plus unreservedly. If you have a board that needs to work the first time, you go to David Fisher.”